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Aside from being a treasonous enemy dictator and true Manchurian Candidate, Obama is also responsible for the rape, torture, murder and bodily desecration of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans. Here are five reasons why:

1. Obama authorized war with Libya and armed the murderers

When the U.S. under Dubya went to war with Islamo-fascists after 911, all we heard for 8 years from the Left was the word “UNI-lateral” to describe our effort, even though President Bush assembled the largest coalition in the history of the world with 68 nations fighting along side us and with U.N. AND Congressional approval. But when Obama goes to war against Yemen, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya all alone and without Congressional approval, no one uses the word “UNI-lateral”. (P.S. “UNI” means 1 not 68)

Obama jumped to the aid of these “rebels” before anyone knew exactly who they were or what they represented. When Quaddafi’s forces and tanks were rolling in to destroy the city and stronghold of Benghazi on March 19, 2011, it was only because we had armed the “rebels” that the attack had been thwarted.

In other words, Quaddafi was coming to destroy the same people who we defended and who would turn right around and capture, rape, torture and murder us–our Ambassador, two Navy Seals and a staff member in cold blood. How much do you want to bet that the rockets and weapons used in the attack were furnished by the Obama Administration? This is Operation Fast and Furious on a diabolically global level.

2. Obama agreed to disarm all US Security Forces in Libya

Since the Coward Obama agreed to not have US armed forces protecting our Ambassador, Consulate or Safe Houses, we were forced to hire Libyan Security and Libyan Bodyguards. Well, after dropping the Ambassador and his staff off at the Safe House from which he was dragged, raped, tortured and murdered, the Libyan Bodyguard went and told the terrorists exactly where he was and how to get to him.  Our embassy in Paris has a Marine detachment assigned to our Ambassador, shouldn’t we have had one in the hot, Al Qaeda-strewn country of Libya?!

3. Obama was briefed and yet ignored the warning of the attack

Our intel in Libya disclosed three days earlier that a coordinated attack against the consulate was verifiable and planned for September 11th. Trouble is, Obama can’t be bothered to show up to the morning intelligence briefings. The White House’s excuse for this dereliction of duty is that Obama is the most sophisticated consumer of data we have ever seen. In other words, his sophistication belies the need for briefings.

Were I the Commander and Chief, I would not be able to get my morning coffee down before my morning intelligence briefings.

4. Obama blamed US for the attack

By ignoring the obvious and unrelenting attacks against the U.S. and our global interests and blaming a six month old youtube video for the attack, Obama incited rage and hatred among people worldwide who had never even heard of the video, and, as a result, at one time, 25 US Embassies were under protest, assault, and on fire across the globe with the burning of American Flags and the raising of Al Qaeda’s at our Egyptian Embassy and elsewhere. Since the event, the White House and State Department have contradicted themselves half a dozen times regarding the premeditated nature of the attack. The President of Libya himself continues to confidently maintain that the attack was pre-planned and completely unrelated to the video.

5. Obama’s FBI is still investigating from afar

No FBI on-the-ground investigation has occurred in the month since the rapes and murders! I know it’s important to make sure no trace of evidence is left so that the savages are never brought to justice, but its been a month, it’s probably safe to go in now. Lord only knows what sensitive documents and confidential cables have been removed from the safe house and circulated to aid the enemy in future attacks!

So, in review, Obama single-handedly armed the murderers, agreed to disarming our security, ignored the warning, blamed us, and has since refused to investigate.

The only way Obama could possibly be more culpable, is if he committed the murder, rape, and torture in person.