I have heard and read from many folks who subscribe to evolutionism, that human speech and communication evolved from the grunts, howls, squeaks and groans of animals. Part of the proof they cite is our ability to communicate with animals today. But did human speech actually evolve from pet sounds? (queue The Beach Boys)…

Human speech is entirely different from the sounds that animals make and the way we communicate as humans with each other is vastly different than the way we communicate with animals, as to be obvious to anybody. Only human speech alone is able to portray thoughts and ideas–and is able to do so over great distances. Animals do not communicate in this way.

In fact, we alone have an entire area of our brain found in the left hemisphere in most people, called Broca’s Convolution, which is the motor speech center of our brain located in the inferior frontal gyrus of the cerebrum. According to evolutionism, humans and apes both evolved from an ape-like ancestor, yet neither apes, monkeys or any other animal for that matter have this section of the brain. If we both evolved from an ape-like ancestor, the question is, why not? Why do humans alone possess this speech center?

To counter this, many evolutionists compare human speech and communication to apes who have been taught sign language as a way to demonstrate the intelligence of animals in the speech department and the kinship between human and animal communication.

However, the comparison is not fitting for the following reasons. Apes who are taught to sign are not communicating “speech” but rather have learned a conditioned response. In other words, “You make this sign; I give you cookie.” It probably took someone thousands and thousands of hours and half a million cookies to get the ape to give the correct sign response. That is not speech or even communication in the technical sense. And when that ape dies, all of that information and ability is dying with it. It will not pass along that information to it’s young. Animals do not pass along accumulated knowledge the way humans do. Humans build schools and libraries to pass along information to the next generation. Animals will never communicate in this human-like fashion.

Not to mention the fact, that, as is the case for all aspects of evolutionism, the idea that grunts evolved into human speech is not substantiated by science and has never been observed.

The idea that human speech evolved from the sounds and noises of animals is a position not only impossible from a biological perspective, it is a position that does not comport with Scripture. Therefore, I disagree with it strongly.

And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man. (Genesis 2:23)