This piece is several weeks old now, however, being a space exploration and Curiosity Rover enthusiast, I could not resist posting it–even with a fine layer of dust.

I always love when I see pastors posting anti-Christian memes.  What on earth are you doing in the pulpit if you don’t love the Lord and believe his word, the Bible?

Such is the case with this someecard above.  If I had to take a guess, someone was attempting to set a record of how many incorrect or misunderstood notions could be crammed into a single sentence.

1)  “Dear Religion” / “Your Pal Science”

Misconception #1 – There is a conflict between The Bible and Science

While evolutionism is polar opposite to the Bible in every regard, there is no conflict between the Bible and Science.

2)  “While you were debating what chicken sandiwches were okay to eat”

Misconception #2 – Christians caused the Chick-fil-A controversy

It was the humanist who decided what chicken sandwiches not to eat when they boycotted Chick-fil-A after being shocked that a Christian Business owner who closes his shop on Sunday’s to honor the Sabbath, believes in the Biblical definition of marriage when specifically asked about it in an interview.

3)  “I just landed on Mars”

Misconception #3 – Christians are unscientific

Christians founded every single major Field of Science:

Since God is the necessary precondition for logic and reason, Curiosity Rover was designed and delivered according to the Christian worldview which can account for things like The Laws of Mathematics, The Laws of Logic, The Laws of Science, The Principal of Induction and the only grounding for reason and knowledge, ALL entirely absent from the humanist presupposition.

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