Several years ago, at Embrey-Riddle Aeronautical University, a debate took place between a Creationist and an Evolutionist.

The Creationist, demonstrating that Macro Evolution, (the belief that one kind of animal can produce a different kind of animal), which has never been observed, stated that, “animals produce after their kind. Dogs produce dogs. You might get a big dog or a little dog, a white dog or a brown dog, or one with curly hair or straight hair, but you always get a dog.”

The Evolutionist professor responded by stating, “Well, of course dogs have only produced dogs over the past six thousand years since that isn’t long enough for them to produce a non-dog.”

In other words, we have no proof and this has never been observed, but if you add the magical ingredient of “billions of years”, we believe that dogs produced or were produced by a different kind of animal.

See, right there, you have left the confines of science and entered the realm of faith.

If we cannot observe it, test it and repeat it through demonstration, it is not Science.