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Every Memorial Day Weekend in Vincennes, Indiana, a re-enactment and festival commemorating George Rogers Clark defeat of the British at Fort Sackville draws thousands from all over in period dress and with period wares.  Below are some sights from this year’s Rendevous!

George Rogers Clark Monument beyond the sutlers tents.

Leather Smith

The Gadsden & The Bennington Flags

The Capitol & Legislative Building of the Indiana Territory

George Rogers Clark Monument, second only in grandeur to the monuments in Washington, DC


Indian purchasing soap from merchant

Home of President William Henry Harrison. Many Indian Chiefs arriving to sign treaties refused to go in, terrified having never seen a two story brick southern style mansion.

Flag and G.R.C. Monument

The Mighty Wabash River
Clark and his men crossed the Wabash in neck-deep, icy cold February waters as they surprised the British from the west.

Gourdes for sale

wash woman

Mr. Speaker explaining the formal procedures of the Indiana Territories first legislature.

A group of period civilians

Elihu Stout’s Press
Printer to the Indiana Territory

The Grouseland Lawn before the evening’s period outdoor ball