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In my 2nd article ever on Across the fruited Plain, I explained how I categorize the term “evolution” into six basic categories.  Five of those categories are completely religious in nature and are not observable, testable or demonstrable within the realm of Science.  They require faith in order to believe they occurred.

One of the unobserved and unexplained categories of evolution is Chemical Evolution.  In order for the universe to have emerged, after the Cosmic Evolution of Time, Space, and Matter, all coming into existence and doing so at the exact same time, there must have been Chemical Evolution.  That means that all of the elements, including Uranium (U), must have evolved from Hydrogen (H).

But is this possible?

The answer is no.

Some protest that Uranium (U) could have in fact evolved from Hydrogen (H) through fusion.

The fact of the matter is however, that those who know their fusion know that you cannot fuse past Iron (Fe).

Therefore, all of the known elements cannot be accounted for from Hydrogen alone.

Once that conundrum is addressed, I would like to know which came first:

Did the stars create the elements or did the elements create the stars?

To my mind and knowledge, no one is intelligibly addressing these questions.