Today we will consider how a slowing planet earth is actually an age limiting factor to the age of the planet.

The earth is going a little over 1,000 miles an hour at the equator, but the earth is slowing down. It is actually slowing down 1000th of a second everyday.

Pensacola News Journal, 1990, said on December 6, “Earth’s rotation is slowing down, June will be one second longer than normal. The earth is slowing down 1000th of a second every day.”

Astronomy magazine announced, 1992 in the June edition, “Earth’s rotation is slowing down, June is going to be one second longer than normal.” We will have to have a “leap second.”

A leap second?

Did you know we have a leap second about every year and a half now because the earth is slowing down?

Now kids this is going to be kind of complicated so listen carefully.

The earth is spinning but it is slowing down. So that means that it used to be going…faster. Well, if the earth is only 6,000 years old that is not a problem. In fact, we see how the reality of scientific observation is completely consistent with the Bible. It was probably spinning a little faster when Adam was here. Maybe they had 23 and 1/2 hours in a day.

Evolution theorists want you to believe however that the earth is billions of years old. Now that would elucidate a real problem. If you go back a few billion years, the earth was spinning really fast. Your days and nights would be pretty quick! Get up, go to bed! Get up, go to bed! Get up, go to bed! You would never get anything done.

The centrifugal force would have been enormous, and would have flattened the earth like a pancake.

The winds would have been 5,000 miles an hour from the Coriolis effect.

You think the earth is billions of years old?

Not according to simple observation.


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