During CPAC this year, Andrew Breitbart, conservative bulldog and American Patriot announced that he had, in his possession, tapes that would “vet the President” in his campaign for re-election in November. As soon as I heard that, I and millions of other Americans prayed to God, quite literally, that someone had finally come up with a smoking gun that would finally rid us of this Kenyan imposter bent on our destruction.

Then, quite unexpectedly, Breitbart was gone. Walking home late Thursday, March 1st, Andrew Breitbart collapsed on the sidewalk on his way home, his body succumbing to an apparent heart attack.

Quite aware that there are artificial ways to induce heart attacks, I initially assumed foul play. After all, Breitbart publicly announced on national television that he had the goods to indict the most corrupt regime in American History, one that has demonstrated that murder for political gain is not beneath them.

If the tapes came out posthumously, I reasoned, then Mr. Breitbart died of natural causes. However, if those tapes never saw the light of day, then sure as you’re reading this–he was murdered.

Last Thursday, a Breitbart tape was released on Sean Hannity’s Fox News Show. It was so underwhelming and shock-less in its portrayal of a 1991 Barack introducing racist and Communist Prof. Derrick Bell at a speech, that I literally listened again and again and finally had to ask, “Is there something wrong with me? What am I not hearing?” If it were not the Breitbart people who released the video, I would have sworn that someone switched the tapes.

I dare say that this Imposter-in-Chief has committed so many impeachable offenses while President over the past 3 years, including being Constitutionally ineligible for the office, why on earth publish non-damaging videos from twenty years ago?

Bragging about and then releasing a smokeless gun only serves to undermine the legitimate crimes and misdemeanors occurring in plain sight!