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A Tale of Two Worldviews...

On January 20, 1981, President Reagan, in his first Inaugural Address, made the now famous remark that, “…government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.” Is that sentiment, knee-jerk, reactionary, and out of touch or is it a statement founded upon truth?

Let’s take a look at ten aspects of American life that have had no shortage of Government “solutions” and how well they have worked.

1. When Government provides solutions for Traffic Safety:

your speed limits signs, (like the one shown here from White Lake, Michigan), cause more fatalities than they prevent.

2. When Government provides “solutions” for Public Education:

children learn how to apply condoms on wooden penis’ while simulating drunkenness!

3. When Government provides “solutions” for Nutrition:

your 4-year old gets bullied by a Federal Lunch Inspector, is told her Mother is not feeding her right, is forced to eat fried, regime-approved nuggets, and is then sent home with the bill!

4. When Government provides “solutions” for Transportation:

your child is strategically selected for violation by professional molesters, err, I mean, Federal Agents!

5. When Government provides “solutions” for the Military:

our combat troops are forced to wear fake bellies and breasts in order to empathize with pregnant recruits!

6. When Government provides “solutions” to Unemployment:

unemployment triples!

7. When Government provides “solutions” for “Green” Energy:

billions of dollars get invested in fake solar companies before these criminal fronts are busted out!

8. When Government provides “solutions” for the Economy:

profit becomes a byword!

9. When Government provides “solutions” for Immigration:

they announce on foreign television that they are suing one of their own States over an immigration policy identical to the Federal one!

10. When Government provides “solutions” for Healthcare:

you don’t get born.