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This morning, I was very disappointed to see a missionary friend, who has literally given up the comforts of home to spread the Gospel of Jesus on the other side of the globe, post the above from Stephen Colbert with the words “Love it!”

It is always very disappointing to me when Christians (and Conservatives for that matter), ignorantly side with Communism.

Once upon a time, the Church understood that Communism was a tool of the enemy and fought tooth and nail against it. Don’t believe me? Please show me one place on planet earth where believers can worship Christ openly on communist soil, without the fear of torture or death or torture and death.

The saddest part is that believers could swallow this pablum as legitimate and sincere admonition from Mr. Colbert.

Let’s start from the top.

1. “we” and “He commanded us”

Stephen Colbert is not a Christian. Therefore, he is not speaking for or on behalf of Christians. Therefore, his opinions regarding Christianity are completely moot. Get in the water before you start telling us how to swim.

2. “If this is going to be a Christian nation”

My best bet is that Stephen Colbert does not believe that America is or ever was a Christian nation. Therefore, to portend this non-belief is a mockery in itself.

3. “that doesn’t help the poor”

Last year the federal government redistributed $533 Billion to the poor. Who’s not helping the poor Mr. Colbert? How much have YOU given out of your abundance, sir?

4. “selfish” and “just don’t want to do it.”

The notion that American Christians are greedy and negligent in their stewardship to the poor is insulting and factually false. This is the same exact rhetoric we get from our Imposter-in-Chief who misquoted Jesus in this same way last week at the National Prayer Breakfast by stating that Jesus promoted Communism when he said “To whom much has been given, much will be required.” America is the most generous nation on earth, three and a half times more generous than the second closest nation, and that largely thanks to Christian charity.

5. How will we know when we’ve given “enough”?

Jesus said, “The poor you will always have among you.”, so let’s not pretend that we can fix a problem that Jesus told us we would always have.

6. Stephen Colbert is a comedian.

Comedians put bread on their tables through mockery. I get my marching orders from Scripture. I don’t need to be mocked into obedience by enemies of the faith.

It frankly makes me sick when Christians parade weakness as virtue. If the majority of believers were among this strain 250 years ago, there would never have been an American Revolution or a nation called the United States of America.

The first rule of war according to Sun Tzu is to know your enemy.

If we, as Bible-believing Christians, do not have the capacity to discern the enemy, who pray tell does?