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Last year I was involved in an accident with an 88 year old woman named Mrs. Ruth Holtzclaw when we collided around a very sharp turn on a slick day. Neither one of us crossed the center, but if it was anyone’s fault, it was probably mine. Both vehicles were totaled.

The following week as I arrived home, there were 2 packages at my side door. A Jersey native, I was naturally suspicious and approached with caution. I peered inside to find homemade vegetable soup, homemade lemon meringue pie and a note…from Mrs. Ruth Holtzclaw, hoping we were faring well.

Two months later, I received a wonderful, well-wishing Birthday Card in the mail and when I checked the sender…it was from Mrs. Holtzclaw again.

Early one Saturday in March, we woke up to someone knocking on our door. Determined to sleep though their persistent knocking, I finally got up and reluctantly went outside after noticing their car still in our driveway for over 10 minutes. When I opened my side door, I saw that my truck door was opened! I would have been alarmed, assuming the worst, but quickly noticed that aside from nothing missing, there were actually 2 bags full of wrapped presents sitting on my seat and floor of my truck.

When I walked up to the car in my driveway, scribbling away a note to us, was Mrs. Ruth Holtzclaw!

After inviting her in, we learned that she had brought gifts for all of us! She hand-made quilts for each of the girls, all three completely different pattern styles! She brought me an awesome cloth 1977 covered-bridge calendar, knowing that was my birth year, and for Amanda a hot-from-the-oven homemade pie, cake mix and knitted socks!

We had a great visit with Mrs. Holtzclaw. I’m so glad I answered the door!

Most decorative pie I have ever seen.  Can you guess which kind it is?

I believe this quilt pattern is called, “Double Wedding Rings”.

Across the Fruited Plain Community, I give you…Mrs. Ruth Holtzclaw…