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“Even with DNA sequence data, we have no direct access to the process of evolution, so objective reconstruction of the vanished past can be achieved only by creative imagination.”  (N. Takahata, “A Genetic Perspective on the Origin and History of Humans,” Annual Review of Ecology and Systems Atics, 1995).

The most common assertion in defense of Evolution Theory, or their “Ace in the Hole” is that Man must have evolved from Chimpanzees because their DNA is 98.2% similar to humans.  They say that DNA proves evolution in the percentage of sequences that different species have in common and that Darwin speculated that all forms of life are related through descent with modification from earliest organisms.  They teach that this speculation has been verified as we have learned more about molecular biology.

Sounds reasonable at first blush, but is it?

Has evolution ever been verified by DNA?

Quite the contrary:

1.  No evidence for evolution has ever been verified by DNA because there is no evidence for evolution. 

2.  Geneticists have already determined through decades of research that it is mathematically impossible for DNA to have evolved.

3.  Similarity does not prove causation.

4.  Scientists have only determined the function of 1% of human DNA.  Therefore, having DNA that is 98% similar proves nothing. 

Similar DNA codes prove the same designer wrote the codes, not evolution.

Dr. Barney Maddox, the leading genetic genome researcher, said, concerning these genetic differences, “Now the genetic difference between human and his nearest relative, the chimpanzee, is at least 1.6%.  That doesn’t sound like much, but calculated out, that is a gap of at least 48,000,000 nucleotides, and a change of only 3 nucleotides is fatal to an animal; there is no possibility of change.”  (Human Genome Project, Quantitative A Disproof of Evolution).

God created DNA.  Give Him the glory!