“…An intelligible communication via radio signal from some distant galaxy would be widely hailed as evidence of an intelligent source. Why then doesn’t the message sequence on the DNA molecule also constitute prima facie evidence for an intelligent source? After all, DNA information is not just analogous to a message sequence such as Morse code, it is such a message sequence.”  (Charles B Thaxton, Walter L Bradley and Robert L Olsen: The Mystery of Life’s Origin, Reassessing Current Theories (New York Philosophical Library 1984) pp 211-212)

When we get down to brass tacks regarding the Creation vs Evolution debate, we see that it finds its grounding in DNA.  If someone believes that DNA arrived randomly, without design or intelligence, that person is signaling to you that they do not understand even the most basic rudiments of DNA or chromosomes.  To compare an explosion in a printing press producing the entire dictionary or an explosion at a junk yard randomly throwing together a 747 Jumbo Jet does not even come close to comparing the mathematical odds involved with DNA arriving by chance through a matter-less explosion in space over billions of years.

The DNA molecule in your body (the Deoxyribonucleic Acid) is the most complex molecule in the universe. The average person has 50 trillion cells in their body.  Each of those cells contains 46 chromosomes-except for the gammates, which have 23.  If you took all of the chromosomes out of your body, you would end up with about two tablespoons of chromosomes.  That’s it.  Extracting all of them from every cell in your body would give you only about two tablespoons.

However, if you were to stretch them out, each one six or seven feet long (they are wound up like a tight little spring) and tied them all together, one persons chromosomes would reach from the earth to the moon and back five million round trips.  That’s coming out of one person’s chromosomes.  Pretty amazing don’t you think?

It is impossible to intellectually appreciate the complexity and mathematical exponentiality of DNA apart from the Creator who designed it.

DNA and the molecules that surround it form a truly superb mechanism – a miniaturised marvel. The information is so compactly stored that the amount of DNA necessary to code all the people living on our planet might fit into a space no larger than an aspirin tablet.”  (Paul S Taylor in The Illustrated Origins Answer Book page 23)