“If complex organisms ever did evolve from simpler ones, the process took place contrary to the laws of nature, and must have involved what may rightly be termed the miraculous.” R.E.D. Clark, Victoria Institute (1943)

How could two parties handling the same evidence, arrive at opposite conclusions?

From the telescopic to the microscopic, all of creation declares the glory of God.

Today, lets briefly consider what galaxies suggest to us in terms of age limiting factors.

The galaxies are spinning, which means  they are turning around.  But the stars in the middle of the galaxies are going faster than the stars at the outside.  This is because of a principal called the Conservation of Angular Momentum which occurs because the inside is spinning faster than the outside.  As a result, we see spiraled arms which are still rotating in the same direction as the galaxy itself. Above is a NASA photo from Galaxy Mission illustrating this fact.

Therefore, if the galaxies were billions of years old, they would have lost their spiral shapes by now. Yet all of the galaxies are spiral shaped.

This demonstrates, if not suggests, that galaxies are much younger than 20 billion years old and that we are now observing spiral development after only a few thousand years.

Another point of interest is the similarity of twist in the arms that the closest (youngest) galaxies and the furthest (oldest) galaxies have.  Since the farthest galaxies would have had more time to untwist, why do the spiraled galaxies have the same twist in arms as the closest ones?

In other words, there are virtually no differences in the twisted spiraling arms of a galaxy that’s 2 million light years away than ones that are 100 million light years away which proves that there are not millions or billions of years difference in ages between them or else oldest ones would have less twist.




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