“The best physical evidence that the earth is young is the dwindling resource that evolutionists refuse to admit is dwindling … the magnetic energy in the field of the earth’s dipole magnet … To deny that it is a dwindling resource is phoney science.”  (Thomas Barnes Ph.D., physicist)

We have been intermittently discussing over the past few articles the concept of “age-limiting factors” of the universe. These are observable and demonstable facts of science which limit how old the universe and planets can be.  It is my position, as a young earth creationist, that the Bible is true and that everything we observe is thousands of years old–not billions as the theorists teach.  

We have recently looked at how the Sun and Earth’s lone moon prove logical limits to how far back in time creation goes. Today, we will consider the age-limiting factors associated with the geomagnetic field.

What is the geomagnetic field?

The geomagnetic field is the magnetic field that extends from the Earth’s inner core to where it meets the solar wind which is a stream of energetic particles emanating from the Sun.

The U.S. Geological Survey has been recording the Earth’s magnetic field for almost 170 years.

What they have observed since the 1840’s is that the geomagnetic field is getting weaker and weaker each year in steady declination.

According to the Advanced Magnetic Research Institute of Washington (AMRI-WA), the current measurement of earth’s magentic field is .4 gauss.  They surmise that 4,000 years ago the field would have been 5 gauss strong or ten times the current calculation.

Therefore, if the geomagnetic field is getting weaker and weaker every year, that means it used to be…stronger.

Well, clearly then, there is a fixed limit of time that you can go backwards before you have a geomagnetic field which is so strong, that the temperatures and atmospheric pressures it would produce would make life on planet earth impossible.

According to the current rate of the magentic field’s declination, we know that the earth could not be older than 25,000 years old.

Even if one argued that the magnetic field has not always been decreasing at the same rate, not only would they be unable to prove it, I wouldn’t want to be tasked with making up the difference between 25,000 years and 3.4 billion years–when life purportedly emerged according to the evolutionist.

Therefore, we can once again see from testable, demonstrable and repeatable scientific observations, that our earth is a young earth and that the only “science” that contradicts the Bible is junk science.