“Evolution is baseless and quite incredible.”
(Dr Ambrose Fleming, President, British Assoc. Advancement of Science, in The Unleashing of Evolutionary Thought)

The existence of life is here either intentionally or unintentionally.  If unintentionally, then life came from nothing, is heading nowhere and lacks basic fundamental value.  On the other hand, if the Bible is true, and it is, we were created in the image of God and therefore, human life has distinct, fundamental and inherent value.  And while every single aspect of Evolution Theory contradicts the Bible 180 degrees, I happen to find this deception particularly disdainful in it’s attempt to devalue human life.

In a vast majority of the high school and college Biology Textbooks, it is taught as scientific fact that human embryos have tails and gill slits like fish!

BCSC Biological Science states it this way:  “the similarities between early stages of development of many different animals helped convince Darwin that all forms of life shared common ancestors.”  (BSCS Biological Science 1978 p.628)

According to the book Icons of Evolution, “Darwin considered this ‘by far the strongest single class of facts in favor of’ his theory.”  (Icons of Evolution, p.82)

Those little wrinkles under your chin later develop into bones in the ear and glands in the throat.

They have absolutely nothing to do with breathing.  I know many people with multiple chins.

They can’t breathe out of any of them.

Earnst Haeckel who taught Embryology at the University of Jena in Germany started this idea.  Haeckel said the turning point in his thinking was when he read Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species in 1860.  (Creation Ex Nihilo March-May 1996 p.33)

Haeckel took pictures of dog and human embryos and changed them to look exactly alike.

He postulated that “ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny”, or in other words, the stages of fetal development copy the evolutionary stages that supposedly have occurred over time.  Haeckel then made huge charts of these fraudulent embryo drawings, traveled all over Germany, and just about single-handedly convinced Germany of evolution.

This thinking led to the obvious conclusion that if Evolution is true, maybe one of the races have evolved further than the rest (and guess which?)  This in fact is the sub-title to Darwin’s book; The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection: Or, the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life.

“A set of 19th century drawings that still appear in reference books…are badly misdrawn” says an embryologist in Britain.  Although Haeckel confessed to drawing from memory and was convicted of fraud by his own university in Jena, the drawings persist.  “That’s the real mystery,” says Richardson.  (St. George Hospital Medical School in London, New Scientist Sept 6, 1997 p. 23)

I know it takes awhile to update textbooks, but 135 years should be long enough!

Haeckel’s fake drawings are still used in textbooks in your state right now.

This textbook says, “By 7 months, the fetus looks from the outside like a tiny normal baby, but it’s not.”

Not a baby at 7 months?!

Samuel Alexander, a 21 week old (less than 5 months) baby, still in the womb, grabs the doctors finger during surgery.

If its not a human being, what kind of being is it?

If its not alive, why is it growing?

Ontogeny DOES NOT recapitulate phylogeny and abortion is murder because life is divinely, intentionally and wonderfully created.

“The theory of the transmutation of species is a scientific mistake, untrue in its facts, unscientific in its method, and mischievous in its tendency.”
(Prof. J Agassiz, of Harvard in Methods of Study in Natural History)