“The evolutionist thesis has become more stringently unthinkable than ever before.” (Wolfgang Smith Ph.D.)

One of the dumbest theories linked to Evolution is the popularly held “Pangaea Theory”. Pangaea is the belief that originally, all of the continents comprised a single enormous landmass. After 220 million years, the continental plates disengaged and floated to where they now reside. Often plate tectonics and other observations are used to prove Pangaea was at one point, a reality.

But is Pangaea Theory true?

Let’s think this through:

1. Africa has been shrunk 35-40% for the textbook drawings.

2. Entire landmasses are removed to fit the presupposed template.

3. Where is:



Costa Rica?





4.  Africa is twisted one way and Europe is twisted the opposite way to try to make it look like one super-continent.

5. You will notice if you take the water out of the oceans there is dirt underneath.

Often times people will ask:

“Do you think the continents were once connected?”

Uh, yea. They still are!

All of the earth’s continents are connected. The lower parts are filled in with water.

The fact that there is some slight continental movement does not mean that the continents are floating around the earth like lily pads on a pond.

Think it through.

“We have to admit that there is nothing in the geological records that runs contrary to the views of conservative creationists.” (Evolutionist Edmund Ambrose)