“If there were a column of sediments deposited continuously since the formation of the earth, the entire history of the planet could be reconstructed.  Unfortunately no such column exists.  Where sediments are missing, a break in the sedimentary record occurs.  Breaks result in gaps in the record the may range from a few years to hundreds of millions of years.  Breaks in the sedimentary record are called unconformities.”  (HBJ Earth Science, 1989, p. 326.)

If someone told you that rivers ran uphill, would you believe it?

According to the textbooks, the Colorado River cut through layer upon layer of rock over millions of years in order to form the Grand Canyon.  This is a nearly universally held belief purported in classrooms, in textbooks, in museums and by tour guides at the Grand Canyon.

But was the Grand Canyon formed by the Colorado River over millions of years?

There are facts and there are interpretations of those facts.  Evolutionist’s are always trying to erase the line and make students think their interpretation is part of the fact column.

For example, it is a fact that Grand Canyon exists.

The Creationist’s interprets the fact that Grand Canyon exists as evidence of Noah’s Flood 4,400 years ago and that it was formed quickly by lots of water in a little time.

The theorist however is convinced that the Grand Canyon was formed slowly by a little water over lots of time and they erase the line of interpretation and teach the interpretation as an established fact when it is not.

If you built a dam across Grand Canyon a large lake would form, backing up to cover several surrounding states including most of the Midwest.  The high resolution NASA photo below of the Grand Canyon is very interesting.  It shows that the snow line, which is the highest part of the canyon, runs through the middle, following the path of the Colorado River which enters the canyon from the northeast.

The river enters the canyon at 2800 ft. above sea level at the far eastern end. As it goes into the canyon, the ground is rising up to 7,000-8,000 feet above sea level.  This is known as the Kaibab Uplift.  Yet the river flows downhill.  (All rivers flow downhill).

When the river gets to the 1,800 foot elevation mark, the top of the canyon which is about 8,000 feet above sea level is now over a one mile drop from canyon top to river bottom.

1.  The top is higher than the bottom by over 1 mile.

2.  The river runs through the bottom.

3.  The top of the canyon is higher than where the river enters the canyon by 4000 feet.

4.  The river enters the canyon at 2,800 feet elevation and exits the canyon at 1,800 feet elevation.

5.  Rivers don’t flow uphill.

6.  There’s no delta.  Wheres all the mud that washed out?

There’s no possible way that river made that canyon.  The Grand Canyon is a breached dam; a spill way that washed out.  There was probably a very large lake for some time after the flood which got too full and probably carved that canyon out in a number of weeks, not millions of years.

Or consider the layers of sedimentary rock.

It is an observable fact that the Grand Canyon and the entire earth contains layers of sedimentary rock.

Creationist’s interpret this fact as layers laid down by Noah’s Flood which were distributed very quickly.  This can be demonstrated via hydrological sorting–take a jar of dirt and sand and shake it up.  It will settle into layers in minutes.

Yet the Evolutionist believes that these sedimentary rock layers were formed slowly over millions of years.

If that’s true, why are there no erosion marks between the sedimentary rock layers?  Don’t you think if one layer sat there for 10 million years waiting for the next layer to be formed that it would rain once or twice?   Yet there are no erosion marks between the layers.  Nor does the Colorado River, or any river account for the same layers of rock we observe throughout earth’s crust and mantle worldwide.

The Grand Canyon was not formed by the Colorado River over millions of years.

The Grand Canyon is a washed-out spill way from the Flood of Noah, 4,400 years ago.