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“Not one change of species into another is on record … we cannot prove that a single species has been changed.”  (Charles Darwin, My Life & Letters)

As I will eagerly furnish for your reading pleasure over the next several weeks, every area of “evidence” for Evolution is a sham and a hoax which you will see cannot stand the test of simple science and observable logic. Today, we will be tackling the claim that there is Fossil Evidence for Evolution. Since there is enough data to destroy this myth on a number of levels, I will leave the alleged “missing links”, homologous comparisons and geological column for another time. In this post, I simply want to challenge the idea and claim that Evolution is the natural position arising from the fossil record.

Lack of Transitional Forms Disprove Fossil Evidence for Evolution

For starters, the fossil record has been a silent embarrassment for the theorist. With the complexity of evolutions and mutations that would have been necessary to change from a rock to a frog to a human in 3.4 billion years, we should be finding countless fossils that show transitional forms or intermediary species. However, not one such fossil has ever been discovered. And while there are still some gradualists out there, they have in essence gone the way to the Geocentric Theorists who still believe the entire galaxy revolves around the earth. Therefore, as explained in an earlier post called “What is Evolution?”, the utter lack of evidence has been explained away by theorists through “Punctuated Equilibrium”, which states that the changes occurred so quickly, (such as a reptile laying an egg and bird flying out), that perhaps they were not preserved in the strata. How convenient. “Yes boys and girls, this is a scientific fact, and yes, we know that it happened, and yes, you will be tested on this…but there actually is no evidence…”

Dating Methods Disprove Fossil Evidence for Evolution

If you go to any museum or crack any science textbook, you will find that a common way that fossils age is determined is based on the layer of strata in which the fossil was found. “The data is in the strata”, they love to say. But actually, it isn’t. Because if you next go over to the Geologic Column section of the museum and ask the curator how he knows how old each layer of the column is, he will tell you that he knows the age of the strata layer by the index fossil found there. So they date the fossil by the rock and they date the rock by the fossil. That, my friends, is called circular reasoning.

Distinct Strata Identification Disproves Fossil Evidence for Evolution

Even if this method was not fraught with circular reasoning and other fallacious gimmicks, if you find a fossil in limestone, for instance, how do you know if the limestone layer is 100 million year old Jurassic Limestone or 600 million year old Cambrian Limestone?

No Fossil is Conclusive Evidence for Evolution

If you found a bone in the ground that you believe is the relative of every living person today, how would you prove it? Firstly, if you found a bone, all that you know is that the person or creature died. You do not know that the person whose bone you found had any children at all. Much less, offspring who were of a different kind! And why would you believe that the person whose bone was discovered could do what living creatures today cannot do? Namely, produce offspring other than its kind?

The Fossil Evidence Supports the Biblical Worldwide Flood

What the fossil record does support and what we will be covering in greater depth in the coming months, is the Biblical truth behind the Noahic Flood. The body of evidence supports the fact that 4,400 years ago, a worldwide flood occurred and buried most living creatures instantly in the silt and dirt. This explains why most fossils were buried alive instantly, whole and intact, not half-eaten by some other creature. This is also why we find fossilized oysters that are shut, not open. That means that the oysters were buried quickly and alive, since they ordinarily open when they die. It’s why we find mammoths at the poles, buried in ice, standing up, with vegetation still in their teeth and digestive tracks. But most importantly, it’s why we read in Genesis 6 that God commanded Noah to build an ark.