After nothing exploded and produced everything, the Theory of Evolution teaches that the earth was a hot molten mass and that 4.6 billion years ago earth cooled down and formed a hard rocky crust.

But was earth ever a hot molten mass?

The Bible says, “And the spirit of God moved upon the waters.” Gen. 1:2

So the earth was not created a hot molten mass, it was created under water. Which means it has to be less than 212 degrees Farhenheit or 100 degrees Centigrade or it wouldn’t be water, it would be steam. Therefore, the earth was never a hot molten mass according to Scripture.

When you look at granite rock, you find little tiny halos made of polonium. These polonium halos are very interesting because they have a half-life of less than a few minutes. If the rock was hot when the radioactive polonium decayed and it sent off the little particle that made the halo, it would melt away. Like on the Fourth of July when you shoot fire works up and it makes a circle in the sky; Does the circle stay there? No, it all falls down, right? There’s probably none up there right now from the last 4th, is there?

You would have to freeze the whole atmosphere to keep that sphere in place.

Also, the polonium would have to be decaying in a rock that was already solid.

Therefore, we have scientific evidence that the earth was never a hot molten mass and as usual, contemporary perspectives are still thousands of years behind the Bible.