The Big Bang or Cosmic Evolution as we discussed in “What is Evolution?” is the sacred calf of the religion called the Theory of Evolution. While we will be covering the innumerable scientific and logical fallacies adjoined to this religious theory in a later post this week entitled “What is the Big Bang?”, I decided, as an introductory piece, to lay out the ever changing positions and dimensions of what supposedly exploded.

I had someone recently tell me that believers in the theory do not believe in randomness, but “a selection of favorable characteristics.” With all due respect, there was nothing, and it exploded. You don’t get more random than that!

The Big Bang idea began with Belgian Astronomer, Georges Edward Lamaitre. According to Isaac Asmiov, Lemaitre conceived this mass to be “no more than a few light-years in diameter.” At the very least, that would be two light-years or about twelve trillion miles.

Below is the evolution of the size of the spinning nothingness that exploded which supposedly caused everything:

1931 – 12 trillion miles across (minimum)

1965 – 275 million miles across

1972 – 71 million miles across

1974 – 54 thousand miles across

1983 – “a trillionth of the diameter of a proton”

Today – Nothing exploded. A “Singularity.”

There you have it boys and girls. Nothing exploded, and here we all are! They call that Science?!

This theory took our Big Bang from 12 trillion miles across to nothing at all across in 76 years.